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FP House

“FP House” consists of two floors above the ground and a basement. The contact with nature and the interior-exterior fluidity are the most striking features of this project.

This a house whose identity is based on the concentration of the housing program, dematerialized by the articulation of volumes, materials, and textures that coexist in harmony. 


“Forbes” is a Building of collective housing located in Granja, close to the sea, composed of 43 houses. Consists of six floors above the ground and two basements. Almost all houses have sea view, and a small office space integrated in the living room. The building's volumetry is very compact and had as principle a very sharp modulation that allowed to create a movement of full and empty between a large volume of marble and aluminium boxes.


Castro House

This project consists of the recovery of a family house with 2 floors, with the clear goal of transforming the building into 2 houses on different floors. The pre-existing construction was altered in its internal organization, as well as in the facades design, which allow for a better adaptation to the contemporary programme and contributes to a new experience with the fabulous surrounding garden that did not exist before.

Torrinha Apartment

This project consisted of the renovation of a small apartment located in downtown. The client asked for a more comfortable and modern flat, adapted to his needs. We maintained the existing 2 bedrooms and bathroom, and demolished the rest of the rooms, creating a plan in open space. In this way, the apartment's social area gained a larger dimension.  The materials used in this project with light tones allowed the creation of a comfortable and more luminous space than the existing one.

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